Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Voting will start on Friday and end next Friday. I was asked about whether people should write speeches/whatever as to why a certain person should win. I can add everyone to the blog for that, or they can comment on the given category - comment with your e-mails below or whatever- on Wednesday with speeches like that can be posted/commented. That will end at Friday Midnight- my midnight, that is, too - I live in England, by the way.

Feel free to start a new post, now, to give reasons as to why someone should win given category! :D


  1. No-one invited me until now :( Which Friday is this? Do you mean that it ends on the 6th?

  2. Yup, this Friday, the sixth! No one was really invited anyway, but youve been nominated!

  3. And this isn't like nominations, right? We can only vote once for each award

    Right?? Yes, yes?

  4. Yes, Eve. Only one vote per category!
    Hellboy, Friday the sixth! No-one was invited. They just...Appeared. *grins*

  5. And when are the actual awards given out??? I'd like to see who won :D

  6. The awards will be given out not long after next Friday, I reckon...

    Wait, does voting start NOW?