Friday, July 6, 2012

Lynxia Lost for Most Story Ideas

I'm no good a big speeches, and I apoligise for that, but this needs saying.
Lynxia has so many story ideas. She's overflowing with them. In the past two months she's worked Patchwork, By Force, Day One, Cresent, Harry Potter fanfic, A Murderers Dance, and Another Life. Maybe more, I wouldn't know, I kept trying to look at all the posts on her blog but my phone kept shutting down whenever I tried to get back here. And what have I worked on in the past two months, hmm? Two stories. Just two. And the thing is, EVERY ONE OF HER IDEAS HAS BEEN A GREAT IDEA AND A GREAT STORY. Lynxia has so many brilliant story ideas, it is untrue. Which is why I'm asking you all to vote for her.
Please. I'll give you a banana if you do! Or a marshmellow, if you don't like bananas!

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