Thursday, July 19, 2012


Congratulations to everyone that has won an award, this year. The Bloglandian Awards (BA) were much more successful than anticipated. One can only hope that next year will be twice as successful! Thank you to all that participated and helped out. And a special thanks to:

  • Kallista- for posting the rest of the awards for me! *hugs Kal*
  • Nix- for helping me host the BA, because he's that amazing! <3 And for being incredibly enthusiastic about it! *hugs Nix*
  • Sparky- for being extremely supportive and helpful from the beginning! *hugs Sparky*
  • Lynxia- for being Lynx. Seriously. Every time I began to doubt my idea, she was just there to explain to me how great my idea was. *huggles Lynx*
  • Mist- for returning for the awards and generally being amazing! ALSO, Nyan Cat. *hugs Mist*
And to everyone else! Because you were there for everything and you were all so incredibly supportive! I thank you all for your support and general amazingness! <3 You were all great- each and every one of you! I hope we can do this again, next year! *hugs everyone*


  1. Nix, you didn't annoy me at all.

    Sparky, yes you did. You did a lot. You were there for me when I lost all hope in everything.

    Eve, you just added humor to the whole thing. It was great. You made us laugh all the way through and you still do make us laugh.

  2. Maybe I will get the most-unseen award. Or the never-heard-of award?

    I really wouldnt mind the furriest award.... *cough cough*

    Seriously. Name one person furrier than me?