Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparky Braginski for Most Inspiring

Do I really need to explain it?
The first time I was on Sparky was there. I was only commenting to congratulate her on winning the comp, and I stayed for a few minutes to see her reaction to my comment (I was weird like that. Yeah, was...). She thanked me, and then asked me if I would like to read something of hers. I, completely confused, said yes, just as Izz said 'of course she would like to'. A slight I will never forget.
So, I stayed. Completely innocent as I was *laughs* I was so confused as the conversation somehow got to colours of hair. Izz and Sparky, and Myth when he wasn't watching Sherlock, were talking too fast for me to handle, and I stayed permanently confused.
Sparky welcomed me, and from my point of view, she was a person to strive to be like. Kind, considerate and awesome. I viewed her as a kind of Elder, an elder of blogland. To me, and too almost all of you, she is the most inspiring person.


  1. I would shoot you for that starting question, but then I might lose votes

  2. *giggles* Now I have an image of Sparky sort of gliding all dignified around with flowing robes. (purple robes of course)

    I was wondering.......can I noogie the winner?

    *looks hopefully at Luciana*

  3. Twahahahaha! *evil taniac laugh*

    I'm sick of evil maniac laughs (mwahaha)