Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Valkyrie V. Cain for Best Blood Award

Of all the people who have met Valkyrie V., I am the only one to have sampled her blood. I do this on a regular basis, and I do this, not only to fulfil my Blogland duties, but because Valkyrie V has the most interesting, most powerful blood. And interesting. And powerful. You see, she has Ancient blood, and has successfully sealed her true name, so her blood is bound to be different. Plus, I can make the most delicious explosive chocolate with Valkyrie's blood cells. And other useful inventions. I sample her friends' blood because Valkyrie may have donated her blood to them at any time. Words from a proffessional blood sampler. Valkyrie V. Cain deserves this award.


  1. I second this vote!

    Though I can't say I've ever sampled Val's blood but I think you can take Eve's word on it.

  2. *practically falls over, laughing so hard it's completely silent*

  3. *was hiding here all along*

    *takes out giant chainsaw*