Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Artist!

Awww, now I am really proud! This one is for the best artist! Okay, this person is amazing and I adore them to pieces. I am guessing you already know who it is, though. So, the best artist award goes to......

The Irrepressible Becky, who I will attack with hugs and baguettes later today! *puts baguette shaped trophy aside*


  1. I LOVE ART! I WANNA SEE HER ART! YAY! (if teh epica Becky could put the link to her art work here I would appriciate it)

    I shuld git teh awardeddddd fer best speler. I iz gud! I lerned in publik schuls. *smiles proudly* It only tuk mi SIX whole years to gaduate from teh THURD grad. *holds up 3 fingers*

    1. Becky's art is amazing. I'll get her to link you to some, soon! I SHALL LOOK FOR SOMEEEEEE. She's amazing, though. I promise you! Her fanart is asdfg8rikngfhsd. Even Derek loves her art! x3

    2. HELLO MY DEAR C: Ok so MAH ART. I have a few links here to SP fanarts:

      This was for a comp:

      One that happened because reasons:

      This was the massive beast I gave to Derek, which he, thankfully, loved:

      This one happened because One Republic and Death Bringer:

      And this is the uncoloured version of the above:


      THANKS TO WHO VOTED FOR ME AND SORRY I WASN'T THERE D: I was knee deep in the crowd for Elbow, I fear.

    3. WOW! AMAZING ART BECKY! I LOVED IT ALL! BRAVO! XD Thank you so much for taking the time to lin me to these great works of art! I really enjoyed looking at them all!