Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Poet!

Best Poet!

Well...There were three people that didn't vote for the winner. It was rather obvious this person would get it *laughs* But, it's understandable why! 

Congratulations to Octaboona for winning best poet award! *puts aside a golden trophy with a little poem on*

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    There are so many extrodinary and inspiring poets that are part of blogland and it is wonderful!
    Some things I will say about Octa and why I am so glad he won. He not only shared hos poetry with us, btu then started writing poems for everyone in blogland. HE did his best to get to as many as he could despite havign a heavy school work load.
    Then he was so encouraging to others, including me when I begin to attempt to write poetry. HE gave me so much insight an I am so glad for such a special person. HE never onece laughed at any of my poems. I could go on about hwo wonderful Octa is, but that would take all eternity. SO I will just share bits when I can. On here, over on another blog, FB, chats, Derek's blog. Everywhere.
    I love you Joseph Octaboona! <3