Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Most Level Headed Minion

Most Level Headed Minion-

(Also writen by Luce)
Well, this is very true, I think. This minion always seems to be able to keep calm no matter how bad the situation gets. She is incredibly mature and always seems to know how to react to whatever happens in Blogland or in real life. She copes with things much better than I ever seem to be able to! I look up to her and how well she seems to stay calm. I, personally, can't stay calm EVER. I can't even BE calm. It's, like, it's balck or it's white. No grey area. If that makes any sense to anyone. Anyway, I love how she can be so level-headed all the time and no matter what life throws at her she'll cope with it, because she's so strong and amazing. She doesn't lash out at us because she's angry or fed up, she'll stay calm- which I respect her for. So, the Most Level-Headed Minion award goes to...

Emerald Melody! Yay for Em! *trophy of a flat head*

**reposted with permission.

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