Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Most Dedicated Minion

The first award I have the plesure of reading out

Most Dedicated Minion-

Well, we had a few nominations for this one. Dedication to the Golden God and to the fandom. Myself and Becky having the most books in the fandom were nominated for this award, but neither of us won this. Becky has the most books in the fandom and has met Derek a few times, no matter how far she has had to travel! I, however, have never met Derek and have the second most books in the fandom. BETTER WATCH OUT THOUGH, BECKY! *laughs* Anyway, there's another incredibly dedicated fan of the books and the Golden God himself. She, despite being an Ameriminion, has lots of SP books and is entirely dedicated to the fandom. We all love her to pieces, at least I do. She's great and always seems to be cheerful! I really think she deserves this award. And it is my pleasure to be awarding her with this award...

Valkyrie V. Cain, congratulations on winning the most dedicated minion award! You really deserve it! *gives her a golden SP collection trophy-thing*

** This was written out by Nix and posted by Kal with permission from Luciana.

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  1. Yay! Having a birthday party for Derek *cough that most of the new people had no idea about cough* paid off!