Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best Blogland-Sister

The award for the best Blogland-Sister! Because she's always there for me, in and out of Blogland! AND SHE IS GOING TO BE COMING TO MY 18TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IN TWO YEARS TIME! *grins*

She loves Link, Loki and Legolas just like me, too! ALSO her Loki Helmet is sexy! I want to steal it. And because she has to go, I shall cut it short-

TO LYNXIA! The best Blogland Sister in the realm of Blogland! She's amazing and great and I adore her. She's funny and intelligent, pretty and cool, generous and caring and we can't forget how she is always there for us when we need someone the most! She doesn't have a bad word to say about anybody, which makes me love her all the more! *gives Lynxia a Loki helmet golden award* Yay for Lynx! *huggles*

*reposted with permission.

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